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Things are changing in the world of high fidelity music reproduction. In June 2002, had you asked us how to get the most accurate and satisfying reproduction of real musical instruments and human voices, we would have steered you toward a top quality (and very expensive) analog front end (cartridge/tonearm/turntable/preamp).

But now that Allen Wright of VSEI in Germany has introduced his modestly priced modification package for very reasonably priced Sony SACD players, "the shoe is on the other foot." These modified players are so good we believe that sometimes even standard "redbook" CD's can sound competitive sophisticated analog setups. SACDs sound "out of this world" on these players. Check out our SACD Modification page to get the details.

Analog is not dead, however, because much of the world's greatest recorded music exists ONLY in the vinyl LP format. Cost-effective reproduction of this material may be accomplished by use of our London (Decca) line of phono cartridges. These cartridges got a "bad rap" from some reviewers who unwittingly tried to use them with incompatible turntables. The fact is they may be the biggest bargain in analog today, and currently are used by several top reviewers in their personal systems.

Any audiophile will tell you he prefers an "accurate" loudspeaker system, but the truth is they actually prefer a speaker with a modicum of accuracy plus certain common and popular colorations (inaccuracies) that tend to complement the weaknesses in typical associated components. So the speaker manufacturers (Yes we do mean "high end" manufacturers.) grind out products that cater to these perceived needs and desires. Should you have truly outstanding program sources and amplification, you might find that typical speakers sound as "hokey" to you as we find them. You may prefer our IKONOKLAST Line. Push the buttons to the right and check them out.



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