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The Model PTT-2000 is a conveniently packaged, extremely reliable push-to-talk accessory, for use with the Model TR-2000 headset, or with other headsets or microphones.

The heart of the device is miniature (only 1/8 inch diameter), high reliability, red push-button. Rated by the manufacturer to provide 50,000 trouble free switching operations, it is unlikely to require replacement at an early date. Thousands of these remarkably reliable devices are in use today in our aircraft push-to-talk systems. Failures of the button have been extremely rare.

We have mounted the push-button in one end of a black, plastic cylinder (3/4 inch diameter X 1-1/2 inch length). This size and shape was selected so that the unit is comfortable to hold in the hand, and may be rested on the operating table, or even allowed to "drape over the shoulder" during listening periods. The five foot cable, which matches the cable on the TR-2000 headset, exits from the other end of the cylinder.

PRICE: $19.95, MODEL PTT-2000.


Contest operators have long lauded the footswitch as the very best way to implement the push-to-talk function, because it leaves the hands completely free for logging and tuning, increasing both speed and efficiency.

We have searched our suppliers for a high-reliability, microswitch based unit which is of appropriate size and has "just the right feel." The resulting FT-2000A footswitch is constructed on a steel base and hinged pedal assembly featuring a grooved plastic fascia, for excellent traction ability. It is equipped with a 10-foot cable to allow convenient routing to the transceiver. When ordering the Model FT-2000A along with our custom connector installation, the Model FT-2000A is wired to the mic. connector at no additional charge.

PRICE: $36.95, MODEL FT-2000A footswitch.



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